It’s Time to Get on Board with EMV Credit Cards

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If you’re not accepting EMV chip cards at your business, my question is, what are you waiting for? EMV cards aren’t the wave of the future, they’re part of present-day transactions in thousands of businesses around the world. That’s right, the U.S. was one of the last western countries to migrate to the new chip cards. Here’s why it’s important to start accepting EMV cards if you haven’t already:

EMV Cards are More Secure

The computer chip embedded in EMV cards stores a unique transaction code every time it’s used, making it almost impossible for counterfeiters to copy. By upgrading to EMV card processing, you’re providing greater protection for your business and your customers.

You’re Liable for Fraud

As of October 2015, if someone uses a counterfeit card at your business, you’re liable for the losses incurred. Criminals have a way of finding the easiest targets. If you don’t accept EMV cards, your company has a big bulls-eye on it, and it’s only a matter of time before fraudsters find you. Upgrading to EMV acceptance greatly diminishes your chances of becoming a victim of credit card fraud.

It’s Affordable

Before the EMV conversion started, businesses were concerned it would cost them $1,000 or more to implement the EMV changes. It turns out those estimates were way off. I’ve easily set up merchants for EMV acceptability for less than half of that. Need a little more encouragement? I give my new clients a free, brand-spanking-new, chip-enabled terminal just for signing up with me.

Right now, EMV cards have both the computer chip and the magnetic strip on the back. But the day is fast approaching when the industry will say good-bye (and good riddance) to the mag strip. Give me a call at 877-379-9748 and let me help you get on board with a chip-enabled system. Believe me, you’ll be glad you did.