Payment Processing

Accept payments online, in-person, and on the go

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Everything You want in a Merchant Account

With decades of industry knowledge, we know what businesses are looking for. We make you more profitable.

  • Free Credit Card Machines

    We offer the latest technology, when needed, in credit card terminals at no cost to you. If it breaks, we replace it. If it needs upgrading, we replace it. At no cost to you, forever.

  • Try Us for 90 Days

    If you don't like us for any reason after 90 days, cancel with no questions asked.

  • Next Day Funding

    We know you want your money. We get it to your fast! (Some restrictions apply.)

  • 24/7 Customer Service

    With Swypit™ you get a live expert to call or email, and we'll never give you a reason to switch again!

  • Great Rates

    Great rates are the easy part. Solving your problems is what we do.