What our clients are saying…

“Swypit has been helping us out for Decades. Personalized great service is a key part to my business. I highly recommend him.”

John Holcomb, Owner- Dallas North Aquarium

“Swypit has helped us be the best we can be for over 20 years.”

Alex Preen Co-Owner of AutoHANS, Inc. Addison, TX.


“Relationships are important to us and our relationship with Swypit is the best decision we’ve ever made”

Spudd Webb; President of Basketball Operations & Malcom Farmer; President of Texas Legends

“We’ve worked with Swypit for about four or five years now. The service is what really sets them apart. Most of the time in the industry once they sell you, get you to sign the papers, it’s done. These guys have just been there for us.. It definitely sets them apart.”

Andy Bush, ACE Handyman Services, Collin County

“Ever since we’ve had our credit card account service through Swypit. I can say that whenever I pick up the phone and call Kevin he’s here within at least an hour to two hours, if not faster. His customer service is why we keep our business with him. I’ve had credit card companies in the past where it’s just a call center for people who have absolutely no idea who I am. If you can get help, it might be in three or four days. With Swypit it’s instantaneous. If he can’t help me, he can get somebody who can.”

Sean Crawford, Dallas North Aquarium.

“Swypit has made such a difference in our businesses day-to-day operations. The swipe simple product is so convenient, and very easy to access. It has changed my life, even when I’m in places where the Wi-Fi connection is not good, the system just works. Michael and Kevin are amazing. I recommend Swypit to all my business, friends, family, and everybody that I know.”

Ernest & Cecily Morgan, Owner Earnest B’s BBQ & Catering Co.

“Years ago, we went with Swypit and there hasn’t been a day that we have regretted it. Businesses talk about Customer Service, but seldom, do you get a company that comes through and delivers. Not just on their basic service, but then put the frosting on the cake with the customer service. Swypit does a great job for us; we look forward to many years to come.”

Tony Felker, President/CEO – Frisco chamber of commerce.

“We have switched our business merchant services over to Swypit, and it’s been the greatest thing we’ve done, and they do more than just credit card processing. They get involved in our business. They help hook us up with other individuals and they are always there for us if we need help.”

Ted Holiday, President/CEO of Glass Guru of Frisco and Sherman

“Kevin, the owner of Swypit.. was integral in helping clean up the issues that I had with my former credit card processor. They helped to get us to be the most effortless and functional company that we can be. We are now seamless and more profitable thanks to Swypit. I love working with Swypit because the customer service is excellent. I don’t have to worry about my credit card processing anymore. The rates are so reasonable that it just makes sense for me to use Swypit and I’ve had nothing but a positive experience since I started with them.”

-D’Andra Simmons with Hard night, Good Morning Skincare and Ultimate Living Nutrition Products


“Number one, Swypit, has saved us money. Number two, the service has impacted our business. Every time you call them, they personally come out or physically do whatever you need them to do. No one comes close, period.”

Don Jacobs – QwikWash America