The Art of Negotiation with Chris Voss

A photo of Chris Voss with the cover of his book "Never Split the Difference" superimposed.

On the latest episode of The Swypit Show, I sat down with one of the most fascinating guys I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Former Kansas City police officer, and former FBI Lead Hostage Negotiator, Chris Voss is also a best-selling author, as well as the CEO and Founder of The Black Swan Group where […]

When Is It Time To Upgrade Your Credit Card Processing...

A photograph of someone using an old credit card machine.

At Swypit, we serve a large variety of businesses, and we don’t necessarily cater our services to one specific industry. Swypit has been helping businesses with credit card processing for 20 years and we’ve seen the evolution of the credit card processing equipment along the way! So, maybe you’re still using equipment that isn’t quite […]

Customer Service: The Bad, The Ugly And The ‘Swypit’ Good

An image of a person selecting one of three rating buttons; a sad face, a neutral face, or a happy face.

Good customer service is hard to find today and it’s getting harder. I’m going to share some customer service stories that reveal the good, the bad and the ugly of this side of doing business. But first let’s look at what causes poor customer service in the first place. The five main causes of poor […]

Matt Cretzman on Digital Marketing Hacks

On the most recent episode of the Swypit Show, I sat down with digital marketing expert, Matt Cretzman, CEO and Founder of Stormbreaker Digital. Matt shared several amazing hacks for improving your digital marketing efforts. The first hack he shared came from some time during his honeymoon in Dublin, Ireland. It’s All About Content When […]

Inner Circle Spotlight: Sarah Duncan

A photograph of people standing in a circle all piling hands in the center.

On the Swypit Show podcast, I recently sat down with Sarah Duncan, Regional Director of the amazing non-profit organization, Folds of Honor in North Texas. Sarah is a “Gold Star Daughter,” which refers to members of a family who have lost a loved one during service to their country in the line of duty. I’m […]

Inner Circle Spotlight: Matt Cretzman

An illustration of colored cutout people in 3 concentric circles; blue on the outside, green in the middle, and a single red person in the center.

On the Swypit Show podcast, I recently sat down with Matt Cretzman, owner of Stormbreaker Digital, which is a marketing agency that specializes in explosive growth marketing. That’s something business owners love to hear: Explosive Growth Marketing. His website tells visitors right up front that he OBLITERATES THE COMPETITION! But I’ll get to that in […]

The Swypit Inner Circle Spotlight: Steven Guilfoile

A photograph of shaking hand.

On the most recent episode of The Swypit Show, I sat down with Steven Guilfoile, President and CEO of AffordaCare Insurance, to discuss his professional growth and how he helps businesses provide better healthcare options to their employees. Steven and I kicked off the episode by swapping stories on our early work life. As it […]

The Swypit Inner Circle Spotlight: Nick Nanton

A photograph of Nick Nanton speaking at the 2022 Quilly and Expy award ceremony.

On our recent episode of The Swypit Show, I sat down with Nick Nanton, documentary filmmaker, film director, song writer, philanthropist, business owner and businessman extraordinaire. Oh, he also happens to be my business agent! I was curious to find out how he navigates such an awesome and busy lifestyle. Nick is the recipient of […]

Don’t You Want to be a Part of Our Inner...

A photograph of a handshake over a desk.

First things first, what does this even mean: Inner Circle? To me, when you are part of an inner circle, you have access to people and services others don’t. Not only can they further enhance your own business forward, but these same people and services can further enrich your lives overall! I’m so happy with […]