Inner Circle Spotlight: Matt Cretzman

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An image for "The Swypit Show" with a picture of Kevin Hodes in a grey suit smiling in front of a blue and orange background.On the Swypit Show podcast, I recently sat down with Matt Cretzman, owner of Stormbreaker Digital, which is a marketing agency that specializes in explosive growth marketing. That’s something business owners love to hear: Explosive Growth Marketing. His website tells visitors right up front that he OBLITERATES THE COMPETITION! But I’ll get to that in a minute. First, let me give you a little background on Matt.

From Canada to Latin America to India to Texas

Matt shared with me that his dream was not to be a marketing guru. Instead, he thought he was going to be a pastor. Matt has a passion for helping people. He got his degree in education and started to pursue the non-profit world which led him to serving communities in Latin America, the Dominican Republic, Cuba. Then his passion for service took him to India where he started an orphanage. By the time Matt made his way to Texas, in 2015, he discovered he had a natural talent for marketing. He shared with me that this talent probably came from his dad who was in purchasing and marketing.

Perpetual Marketer

Matt didn’t call himself a “genius” but I am calling him that. He has a different term for what he does naturally. He told me, “I’m just one of those guys like when I find something good, I’m always telling everybody about it. Like, they’ve got to try this new restaurant. They’ve got to drive this car. They’ve got to go to this show, watch this movie. I’ve always been that guy. So, I’m a Perpetual Marketer.” Matt sees marketing as taking a message and getting it in front of the right people. If you’ve got a product or service you want to share with the world, Matt can show you how to do that. “That,” Matt says, “is essentially what I do.”

Growth Hacking, Social Proof, Viral Giveaways and More

Marketing, as Matt reminded me, is a big broad term. He said that “As technology grows and develops new subsets of marketing become more popular. For instance, ten years ago no one knew what influencer marketing was. Just a few years ago no one knee what growth hacking was. Just like if you were to have talked about email marketing 50 years ago, people wouldn’t have known what you were talking about.

What Matt does that other marketers aren’t doing, which makes him unique is he looks for talented people who are specialists in their area of marketing. So, if you need a great SEO team in your strategy, Matt can help you. If you what you need is B2B lead generation, that’s Matt’s specialty. He calls his number one, B2B lead generation program Leadstorm Business.

The main point Matt made is that there are fundamentals of marketing ultimately that will never change, but technology is always going to change. According to the way Matt sees it, “Tactics may change but strategies for the most part will stay the same.”

Growth hacking is a new marketing subset that is like taking a shortcut. Matt calls it a fun way to short cut a trajectory to growth. He explained it this way: all the social media platforms have algorithms and you’re constantly fighting against the algorithm. For instance, Matt asked me, “Did you know on your Facebook page if you post something organically on your Facebook page, Facebook is going to show it to maybe 5% of your audience. You think that’s not fair because it’s your page. But it’s their platform so they can do whatever they want.” He went on to explain that growth hacking finds a way to get your message to 100% of your friends.

Matt told me about Social Proof and Viral Giveaways, two more marketing tactics that have emerged in this digital age of social media that when used properly lead to explosive growth. You might want to listen to the replay of the podcast, which you can do by clicking HERE.

You can also reach out to Matt on LinkedIn, which is where he says he is every day. You can also connect with him by clicking HERE.

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