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Title: Stop! You’re Paying A Fortune in Processing Fees

You’re likely processing your credit card transactions the wrong way, getting your merchant account dinged with extra fees left and right, and most likely making you pay as much as 40% more than you should be paying. Do I have your attention now? Of course I do! Let’s look at the common mistakes that merchants […]

We’re Refreshing and Revamping at Swypit

We’re Refreshing and Revamping at Swypit Big changes that will help your business be more profitable are in the works at Swypit. We are changing things up, getting a refreshed look on our website and an exciting new logo. We are reviewing and revamping in order to take care of our clients even better. Don’t […]

Running a Business In A VUCA Environment Depends on Understanding...

VUCA environments are those which are volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Many of us who’ve attended business school or participated in some type of leadership or organizational development training, have likely heard the term. However, even if VUCA environments have been studied to some degree, we often view the idea very differently than what we’ve […]

2020 Could be Known as the Year of Making Hard...

For many, 2020 has been a year full of unexpected challenges, and even surprises that I am not sure anyone would call fun or even, welcome. In 2020, business owners, especially, have been faced with–and have had to make—some very tough decisions in the face of obstacles and uncertainty. One name for such situations is […]

The Importance of Reflection In Moving Forward

2020 was rough for many. One of the things that made it so tough was that much of what happened to us — and to our families, friends, and our businesses — was almost solely beyond our control. That can be not just frustrating, but even demoralizing and depressing. Thus, probably the last thing most […]

Leading from a Distance: Maintaining Leadership with Remote Teams

The conversation regarding “remote teams” was gaining attention even prior to COVID but the frequency and intensity of this conversation has definitely amped up recently. In a recent survey by Gallup, 59% of employees said they would like to work remotely as much as possible. Interestingly, 59% of remote workers surveys replied in the following […]

Personal Responsibility Is the Name of the Game When It...

As business owners (or even if we are not owners but are leaders in our organization), we often off-handedly say that we, “…take responsibility” for the things that happen in our company. But what does that mean—“take responsibility?” And are we really “taking” that responsibility or is it ours—whether we take it, or not? I […]

How to Make Tough Decisions in Tough Times

No doubt, times are tough. It seems like every day brings new challenges and not just new additional challenges, but novel challenges that we really haven’t dealt with in the past. With these challenges that we are facing, we also often find ourselves having to make tough decisions for which there is no precedent to […]

What is Burnout and How Do We Know If We...

Ever hear someone (or yourself) say, “I’m burned out?” Chances are if you’re living and breathing in today’s world you have heard that said many times, or have even caught yourself saying it a time or two. But what is burnout? Is it a real thing or does it basically just mean we’ve ‘had it’—at […]