Matt Cretzman on Digital Marketing Hacks


An image of "The Swypit Show" card with a photo of Kevin Hodes pointing both hands at the camera in front of a blue and orange background.On the most recent episode of the Swypit Show, I sat down with digital marketing expert, Matt Cretzman, CEO and Founder of Stormbreaker Digital. Matt shared several amazing hacks for improving your digital marketing efforts. The first hack he shared came from some time during his honeymoon in Dublin, Ireland.

It’s All About Content

When it comes to marketing, Matt told me, it’s all about content. He told me and the Swypit audience that if you have a business you need to be creating content on the go. He said if you plan a trip somewhere, you can create amazing content to post at a very reasonable cost. When he was in Ireland, he and his wife, Nadia, took some time after the honeymoon to go to the second largest tech conference in Europe, the SAS Conference. He and Nadia were posting so many amazing photos and videos, that Matt started getting questions about how he was able to get such great photos and videos. Which led him into sharing this hack.

Matt said wherever he travels to, he goes to Instagram and types in “photographer” or “videographer” and the specific location he’ll be visiting. You’ll get all the working photographers and videographers in the location you’re traveling to. You can click on their accounts, pull up their content to see their work. You can then reach out to the individuals you want to consider. Then you get to negotiate and sign them on for a few hours to take pictures and videos in your travel destination. How cool is that? Instead of having to do selfies and post awkward poses and pictures, you’ll have professional great content to post! Matt said that sometimes he’s been able to hire married couples who work together, where one of them is a photographer and the other is a videographer. You just have to do a little bit of research.

Matt said, “It’s not that expensive and what you get in return is high-quality content that you can use to build your brand.”

Matt also shared a little tidbit from when they were on their honeymoon, he and Nadia went horseback riding. The horse that Nadia rode was in Game of Thrones! How cool is that? And those pictures are posted on Matt’s LinkedIn site if you want to go see it!

Matt’s Event Hack

Matt says what drives him is that he wakes up every day wondering, “What am I doing to be different?” He said that he’s always looking for shortcuts, for hacks and strategies that nobody else is doing. One thing Matt discovered as we’ve gotten past all the pandemic fears is that events are back. Conferences are back and Matt shared a great way to get people to your event and to find events that you really want attend.

Matt knows how to use LinkedIn better than most people. He said if you’re hosting an event or attending an event put it on LinkedIn Events. He took us through the process of either posting your event on LinkedIn or searching for events you’d like to attend. It looked so easy that I’m pretty sure I can do it myself now. He talked about creating banners and utilizing a company called Canva. Matt explained that Canva is a graphic design platform that is used to create social media graphics and presentations. The app includes readymade templates for users, and the platform is free to use!

After you’ve created your event, Matt told us that you can share it in a post on your LinkedIn site or through LinkedIn share. You can share this graphic in a post or you can share it a message. All you have to do is copy the link to share. The point is…share it everywhere!

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