The Smooth Transition of Switching to Swypit

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You’re Looking For A New Credit Card Processor

Without a doubt, it can be a hassle to switch from one credit card processing company to another. And there’s lots of switching around that happens in this business. Owners want to be more profitable. Business owners want to pay fewer credit card processing fees. In other words, you want to be more profitable when you switch. But, because it is such a hassle to make this kind of switch, it’s important to select a credit card processing company that is going to really serve you and your business needs most appropriately.

The Most Sought-After Bait

Without a doubt the question we are asked most frequently at Swypit is, ta-dah! “What’s your rate?”

No surprise there, right? I’d ask that too. But with a credit card processing company the answer is not nearly as neat and simple as the question. But this is always the bait that hooks so many business owners. It’s also the reason why so many merchants are wary to switch again even though they have more than rate problems. They also get no customer service. Let me explain why rates are not what to look for if you’re looking for a smooth transition from one credit card processing company to Swypit.

Credit Card Processing Fees Vary Depending On Your Business And Industry

Before I could ever answer the “simple” rate question appropriately, you have to understand that there are so many factors that come into play depending on the kind of business you have and/or the industry you are in. I might have to ask you 100 questions before I could even start to tell you what rate you would be paying. For instance, I would ask, “Is your business conducted 100% online where you never even see a card, or do you also have a brick-and-mortar business where you actually are presented a card by a person?”

My answer would also depend on when you asked the question. That’s because rates change every April and October. That’s something I have absolutely no control over. The truth is, I have no control over any of the rates, or how they are applied, but I do know how to set you up so that you do get the best rates for your business. And this is a very important point. If you get set up incorrectly, it could cost you a lot. It could even result in customer’s cards not being able to go through.

Customer Service And Attention To Details Are Going To Help You Make More Money In The Long-Run

We provide client experiences no other credit card processing company does

We would like to be your merchant services provider. If you would like to experience how it feels to be treated by a company that cares about your business and loves to help others, give us a call. We set higher standards. We make your transition smooth, fast, and efficient. We provide you with the services you need instead of the services you think you want.

If you want the cheapest, go for it. I can tell you though, cheap will end up costing you more in the long run than appropriate fees with exceptional service. If you prefer the kind of service from a credit card processing company that’s going to keep your business running smoothly, give me a call. If you want cheap, there are plenty of cheapskates ready to snag you hook, line and sinker!

We create long-term relationships with our clients not based on the lowest fees, but the most appropriate fees to help make more money in the long run.

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