100 Generic Gift Cards FREE for Your Business when You Switch to Swypit for Your Merchant Services!


The gift card has become a hallmark of American retail over the past few decades. In 2015, gift card sales soared to $130 billion nationwide. So, it’s safe to say that gift cards remain a very lucrative commodity in today’s retail landscape. More personal than a cash gift, customers enjoy giving gift cards because it allows them to personalize the gift while giving the recipient choices. Gift cards also allow customers to give a brand or an experience; that is, your business’s brand or experience. But customers aren’t the only ones who benefit from gift cards: your business stands to gain a great deal from offering them, as well.

Gift cards are an excellent marketing strategy for your business (and a relatively cheap one, at that!). Think about it, if one of your customers values your product or service enough to give a gift card from your business, chances are your business will come very highly recommended to the recipient.

So apart from the gift card sale itself (and the amount the recipient may spend over the gift card amount), offering gift cards gives you the chance to develop new clientele, who could, in turn, become return customers. In other words, the gift card could pay off for your business in the long run by introducing new customers to your product or service.

Offering gift cards can increase foot traffic and revenue for your business, help you compete with bigger companies, and allow you to make charitable contributions on behalf of your business should you choose to do so.

At Swypit, we aim to offer your business the latest in cutting-edge POS-technology, with superb customer service, for an affordable price that won’t break the bank. Through our credit card (and gift card!) processing services, we work to help the businesses we serve thrive and grow.

That’s why we’re offering your business 100 generic gift cards FREE when you switch to Swypit for your merchant services! If you’re fed up with the lack of customer service and support you’ve received from one of the bigger companies, visit our website for more information about how you can switch to Swypit and bundle your merchant services, credit card and gift card processing, together with us!