Creating the Perfect POS Experience For Your Customers

Blog|Payment Processing

Among the most important aspects of a customer’s visit to your shop or store is his or her POS experience. If you think about it, the POS is your last chance to make a good impression on your customers before they leave your shop or store. If they’ve had a pleasant visit to your business, then the perfect POS experience will be just the cherry on top. Below are some tips to help you and your employees consistently deliver the ideal POS experience to your customers.

The Greeting

Sometimes customers are a little tentative about approaching the POS (even though that’s where they have to pay for things!); make customers feel comfortable, greet them as they approach and ask if they found everything they needed, or perhaps if you could help them find something else. Make light chitchat. Whatever you can do to put them at ease. People generally remember a smiling face. You want them to leave the store thinking, “Wow! What a pleasant interaction that was…”

The Transaction

Next comes the transaction. That is, the actual selling and buying. Nowadays there are a variety of different payment methods out there. Don’t assume your customer is familiar with the POS system your business uses. Guide them through the different steps, or prompt them politely to complete certain actions so that they don’t feel confused about the process. 

The Thank You

Thank your customers for their business, wish them a lovely day, and invite them back. Warmness, kindness, and gratitude go a long way at the POS!