Know Your Options When Selecting a Credit Card Terminal

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No two businesses are alike. Whether you’re a large or small business, your company has unique needs to make it run smoothly. An important part of your business is choosing the right point-of-sale terminal that meets the requirements of your business.

There’s a myriad of options available to you, and I only offer the systems with the easiest use, greatest functionality, and highest level of security of any payment systems available today. Your options include:

Countertop Terminals

If the bulk of your transactions are in person, you want a sturdy POS terminal that can take a beating while processing credit, debit, EBT, and gift card payments. The countertop units accommodate magnetic strip cards, EMV cards and contactless payments. We offer some of the fastest countertop models on the market, so you can be assured payments are processed quickly and securely. These systems can connect directly to your cash register or process payments as stand-alone units.

Mobile Systems

If your sales are made on-the-go, a mobile payment system could be right up your alley. These systems are set up to accommodate swiping, scanning, and keying in transactions. They work with any iPhone, Android or tablet device. Because our mobile systems adhere to PCI standards and never store the credit card information, you can rest assured the mobile systems we offer come with the highest level of security.


If the majority of your sales are online, you need a robust system to process customer payments. And since Internet purchases aren’t made face-to-face, you need your online system to be especially secure for processing transactions. Our E-commerce solutions give you the ability to process online payments with the confidence of knowing the transactions are protected by firewalls designed with the latest technology to block hackers.

The card processing system you choose should be a reflection of your business. Contact us here at Swypit and we can get you set up with the system you need to keep your business growing.