Swypit CEO Kevin Hodes discusses important considerations for choosing a credit card processor

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Frisco, TX – June 15, 2016 – Kevin Hodes, CEO of Swypit has published a new blog entitled “3 Tips to Find a Credit Card Processor That Best Suits Your Needs.” In the blog post, he highlights three qualities that can help businesspeople find a credit card processor that’s right for them.

Hodes says, “Customer service is one of the most important aspects for evaluating credit card processors. There can be a big difference in the customer service options CCPs offer. To help you make a decision, first look at your business needs. If you do business at all hours of the day and night, and have an online store, 24-hour customer service may be your best option. You should also consider how you prefer to communicate with your CCP. Is contacting support by e-mail sufficient for you, or do you prefer phone calls. What’s an acceptable amount of time to stay on hold? Remember, all the technology in the world can’t replace good customer support..”

Read the entire blog here: https://swypit.com/3-tips-to-find-a-credit-card-processor-that-best-suits-your-needs/


About Kevin Hodes:

As owner and founder of Swypit, Kevin Hodes prides himself on bringing honesty and integrity to what he considers the “slimy world of credit card processing.” A former chef aboard luxury yachts, his craft brought him into contact with business professionals, dignitaries, and politicians, enabling him to develop “street smarts of business super highways.” Intrigued, Hodes turned from the galley to launching a business consulting firm, a move that eventually led him to the world of credit card processing. Hodes is quoted as saying, “I got into sales, but I brought my food service savviness of making things incredibly awesome all the time,” he said. “I found myself a little niche in the business—taking care of customers.”

The end result has melded his expertise and personal integrity. Hodes’ company, Swypit, offers next generation electronic payment processing solutions, combined with world-class service, price, and leading edge technology. Swypit is the endorsed merchant services provider for many associations, nationwide franchises, and Chambers of Commerce. In addition to card acceptance services, Swypit offers businesses free credit card terminals and discounted point-of-sale systems capable of managing inventory and payroll, gift cards, as well as cash advance services. Kevin’s company focuses on providing exemplary customer support in an industry that is rife with third party providers who are often more intent upon selling equipment than providing an effective solution for businesses, small to large.

As a Certified Payment Professional, Kevin Hodes has demonstrated the necessary knowledge and skills required to perform competently in today’s complex electronic payments environment. This ETA Certified Payments Professional Program (ETA CPP) recognizes that effective merchant service providers must provide not only a broad range of knowledge of the industry, but demonstrate mastery of sales, pricing and interchange, business process, operations and workflow, products and solutions, risk and regulatory compliance and security matters. The ETA is an international trade association representing more than 500 companies that offer electronic transaction processing products and services. Their mission is to advance the payments industry profession by providing leadership through education, advocacy and the exchange of information.

As an individual, Kevin served as a Planning and Zoning Commissioner in one of the fastest growing cities in America. He is a board member of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce and The American Fallen Soldiers Project. He is active in community foundations and events including the Boy Scouts of America, Eagle Gymnastics Academy, Donnie Nelson’s Texas Legends Military Night Sponsor, Frisco Citizen’s Fire and Police Academies, Wipe Out Kids Cancer, Young Entrepreneurs Academy and an alumni of Leadership Frisco. With regard to his impressive dedication to the community, Hodes says, “I believe that you need to give back. If you don’t give to the community, then you shouldn’t even be in business.” Kevin’s attitude has proven to be a cornerstone philosophy of his character and is ultimately responsible for the enormous success of his company. Listen to Kevin on his “Whatdaheck” radio show streaming on KVGI Radio. You may obtain further information about Frisco, Texas-based Swypit by visiting the website: www.swypit.com or by calling: 1-877-379-9748.