Swypit CEO Kevin Hodes Discusses Visa’s New Quick Chip Software Update for EMV® -Enabled POS Terminals

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Frisco, TX – June 14, 2016– Kevin Hodes, CEO of Swypit has published a new blog entitled “Visa’s ‘Quick Chip’ Software Addresses Biggest Customer Compliant About EMV® Transactions.” In the blog post, he explains how Visa’s new Quick Chip technology plans to reduce check out times, which will prove to benefit both customer and merchant alike.

Hodes says, “This software [Quick Chip] upgrade allows customers to insert the card into the terminal, which then automatically generates the EMV® cryptogram (a unique and secure code for each individual transaction), allowing the customer to remove the card while the transaction is completed. And the best part is the Quick Chip software upgrade is available for free to payment processors, acquiring banks, and other payment networks to offer to merchants. Visa’s Quick Chip technology promises to simplify and streamline the transaction experience for customers. It’s the EMV® solution we’ve all been waiting for!”

Read the whole article here. https://swypit.com/visas-quick-chip-software-addresses-biggest-customer-compliant-about-emv-transactions/

Founded in 1999, Frisco, Texas-based credit card processing service Swypit offers next generation electronic payment solutions, combined with world-class service, price, and leading edge technology. Kevin Hodes, a Certified Payment Professional through the Electronic Transactions Association, is committed to providing his customers with the most cost-effective payment solutions for their businesses. He is a board member of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce and The American Fallen Soldiers Project. He is also active in other community foundations and events, including Boy Scouts of America, Frisco Citizen’s Fire and Police Academies, and Wipe Out Kids Cancer. Hodes also appears in the financial best-seller The Soul of Success, Volume II with his chapter, “The Truth About Credit Card Processing!”