What Happened To The Good Old Fashioned Handshake?

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Frisco, TX: Kevin Hodes, owner of SWYPIT, a credit card processing company recently published an article on his website (www.swypit.com) that gives insight on the difference keeping agreements through a handshake versus a contract.

The article titled “What Happened to the Good Old Fashioned Handshake?” talks about different ways to look at doing business. Mr. Hodes discusses both sides of the issue. He says “Getting back to the good ole handshake is the way to do business. While some may think of it as an incomplete contract, in my opinion if you can’t keep your word with a handshake then I am probably not going to continue to do business with you anyway.”

SWYPIT provides business’s competitive rates and an ongoing commitment to providing outstanding customer service for all your credit card processing needs. Mr. Hodes service stems from the ongoing commitment to better his community.

About Kevin: Kevin Hodes is the founder of www.SWYPIT.com, a nationwide credit card processing company. The company is more than a credit card processing business, but a way for Mr. Hodes to maintain and build relationships while giving back to his community. Mr. Hodes currently serves on The American Fallen Soldiers Project Board, Frisco Chamber of Commerce Board, and is Planning and Zoning Commissioner in one of the fasted growing cities in America (Frisco, TX). He is also a sponsor for several non-profit events and fundraisers in his community.


Kevin Hodes, owner of SWYPIT