Working With a True Expert

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An image of the Swypit logo; "Swypit" in dark blue letter with an orange dot over the "i".Here at Swypit, we work with business owners who have merchant accounts. And let me tell you, having a merchant account is not a right, it’s a privilege. When you open a merchant account, it’s not like opening a regular bank account. You have to provide specific information. You have to follow to rules and guidelines of the Patriot Act that President Bush signed into law back in 2001. Let’s face it, maybe you’re a crook and you think that you’re just going to set up a business saying that you sell widgets when you’re really selling drugs. My business acts as another set of eyes and ears, feet on the ground so to speak, and as experts in our field, we are making sure that the accounts we help are legitimate.

A Real-Life Example Of True Expertise

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. I had a client that set up had a sign business. And it was doing well. Then he decided to open a convenience store. Since he was a client, I assured him we would take care of his convenience store business too. Well about three four months later, the convenience store suddenly was doing incredible amount of volume. I was surprised and thought it was great that he was doing so well. But, one day I got a call from one our processors who told me, “Hey, we’ve got to shut down that convenience store business.” I asked him why and he said, “Well, it’s a front for one-liners.” Now if you don’t know what one-liners, I’ll tell you. They are also known as “one-armed bandits,” those gambling machines you see in Vegas. This customer had a backroom in his convenience store and the owner had a whole gambling operation going. As soon as the processors found out it was a gambling operation, they called me and we shut it down. So we are the eyes and ears.

Top-Tier Customer Service

So, what does a true expert in the credit card processing field do in terms of providing a top-tier client experience when they’re working with you? Well, over the past year, we’ve rolled out some really new devices and these devices connect to Wi-Fi. It connects to your Bluetooth of your phone. So like if you’re out now about you need to take payments, you can. And guess what? We provide these to our clients at no cost. That’s because we want you the be able to process credit cards wherever you are as easily as possible.

We have these out in the field with our clients and one of our clients who has a number of locations and we swapped all of their locations for the non-portable unit. They were having a problem and were not able to see all of their transactions. I have every system set up so that I can look at every merchant account. I took a look and I saw everything was flowing fine.

When our clients have a problem, they call us at Swypit, and a real person answers each call. A real person who works at our company. Sometimes, I take the calls myself. We can monitor all of our merchant accounts. And, this is where true expertise in credit card processing comes into play. You are not dealing with someone who is trying to help you in some country overseas. When dealing with a company with true expertise and true experts, you deal with the people who own the company, who are working in the company. I can see and monitor all of our merchant accounts in real time. At Swypit, we pride ourselves on our customer service. To us this is the most important thing that goes along with being a true expert in the credit card processing business.

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