Find the Funding Solutions to Grow Your Business


It can be one of a business owner’s biggest frustrations. You want to keep growing, but a lack of funds is holding you back. Whether you want to expand by increasing staff, adding inventory, or whatever can help your business thrive, we can solve many of your funding needs. Swypit’s cash advance options are designed to keep your business running smoothly.

Make Small-Increment Payments With a Merchant Cash Advance

If you’d like to avoid larger monthly loan payments, consider the convenience of a Merchant Cash Advance. Instead of being an outright loan, a Merchant Cash Advance is an agreement to give you upfront financing in return for a percentage of your daily credit card sales for a pre-determined amount of time.

The one word that best describes a Merchant Cash Advance is flexibility. Instead of having a fixed payment amount like a business loan, the Merchant Cash Advance mirrors your sales flow. Your payment is determined by that day’s credit card sales. We can typically approve you for a Merchant Cash Advance in 7-10 days. We offer Standard and Platinum plans based on your credit score, so there’s a high approval rate for this type of financing.

Stay Stocked With Inventory Purchasing

Imagine Christmas is coming and your store is full of empty shelves. Fourth Quarter is fast approaching and you want to be prepared. No matter what business you’re in, you don’t want to miss out on sales due to lack of inventory.

Our Inventory Purchasing option gives you the flexibility to keep your shelves stocked during your busy season, whether it’s the holidays, tax return time, back-to-school season, or any other time you see increased business. Many suppliers offer discounts for upfront payments, giving you immediate savings on your inventory.

Keep Growing With a Business Loan

Name one or two things you would buy for your business to give it the boost it needs to grow. Are you looking for equipment, employees or a larger space? A Business Loan might be right up your alley.

We offer Business Loans of varying durations to accommodate different repayment terms. Just like our Merchant Cash Advance, there’s a high approval rate for our Business Loans. These loans also offer our Standard and Platinum plans based on your credit score.

Choose the Plan That Fits Your Needs

Which option is right for you? We can help you determine which funding vehicle meets your current financing needs.

Don’t let money stand in your way to success. We’re dedicated to offering the tools you need to keep your business thriving. Visit us at to access our convenient online application to apply for any of our cash advance options. Once you’re approved, you’ll have the funds in hand in as little as two business days.