Getting Organized: Why It’s So Important for Business Owners


Business owners take on a role of balancing numerous roles and tasks, which must be done efficiently and effectively. It’s more-than-easy for the to-do list of a business owner to become exceptionally long, which can become frustrating. Tasks pile up, paperwork gets misplaced, and time is wasted looking for information that could be easily accessed.

Thus, good organizational skills are critical to running a business. They can help you save time and increase productivity, possibly improve revenue and reduce risks, and maybe even reduce stress.

Continue reading to discover why being an organized business owner is very beneficial…

Organization is key to productivity

Chaos and inefficient organization can cause feelings of panic—even make you feel scatter-brained—and surely, unproductive. Not knowing where to look for information, sorting through tons of paperwork, and dealing with the consequences of poor organization also create a stressful work environment—the exact opposite of what a good business owner wants.

Additionally, disorganized individuals take more time to complete a task than those who are organized, which can then lead to lost revenue and missed leads. Perhaps even worse, this stress of a disorganized workplace can even overflow into the life of a business owner, having its own consequences and possibly leading to a burnout.

Implementing good organization skills can help reduce this stress and revamping the quality of life in general.

Function over aesthetics

 Many make the mistake of thinking organization is all about how things look. This is a mistake, more often than not.

Aesthetics are really more of a luxury than a feature of functionality; meaning function beats form. So, set yourself up for success by having an organized workplace—not only in the tangible office but also in the virtual office. If you have to leap through a ring of fire to get to your scanner, you will be less likely to digitize documents due to the effort it takes to get there. Keeping documents organized in folders in the virtual office also makes locating and accessing files much easier and saves time, rather than having random files in every corner that can be difficult to locate.

Keep an organized work space

While function is usually better than form, an organized work space is crucial for organized thinking. Having a cluttered desk and/or office brings about several issues that affect the amount and quality of work done. Sticking to the essentials can save you space, time, and money. Additionally, having an uncluttered desk and office space helps you to focus on the work in front of you. Start with a clean slate and only add the essentials, putting away things that are at the bottom of your priority list. Keep the things you are likely to use in your everyday work close by and easily accessible.

Organize your time

Organizing your time allows you to have a finer focus on your goals, as well as helps you gain perspective on your priorities. If you specifically know what task to work on, you are less likely to waste time surfing the web or multitasking. Some may believe multitasking is a skill, but it’s actually just causing your brain to jump back and forth, leading to less efficient and effective work. Sort your tasks out and group similar tasks together to get the most productivity out of your time because, as well all know, time is money. The time saved can then be used for other important tasks, increasing overall productivity.