How to Stop Overthinking and Get Stuff DONE.


Very often, the things that challenge us as individuals and as business owners, can be beyond our control. Sometimes, however, we can be our own worst enemy, creating for ourselves the very roadblocks and stop signs that stand in the way of our success.

One such obstacle that we ourselves create is also one that we can fix pretty easily. We just need to admit we have a problem and then take concrete steps to address it intentionally and consistently.

Overthinking—or rumination—can be a business owner’s worst enemy.

However, again, the good news is that the ability to stop overthinking and get stuff done is within reach for every single person. You just need to know what to do, and then do it!

According to, rumination—or overthinking that prevents us from reaching our personal and business potential success—is:

“The unhealthy pattern of behaviors where we continuously think about something that happened in the past, to the point of seeing negative effects on our health and wellbeing.”

Before we get into how to get past rumination—or how to the stop overthinking that paralyzes our progress—we need to understand how it hurts us and keeps our business stagnant.

Here are 2 big ways overthinking is hurtful to us and our business:

  1. It causes us to doubt ourselves and our abilities. This lowers our confidence both in the moment and especially, when we are faced with life’s challenges.
  • When doubt seeps in, it can keep us from taking action when action is required. When we overthink, or ruminate, we get so hung up on past failures that all we do is second-guess our ideas or decisions.  All-to-often, this hinders our ability to not just make good decisions, but also keeps us from taking action on our decisions even when the input and potential results both look solid.

Clearly, the potential negative impacts of overthinking or rumination would not be good for ourselves or our business. Yet, it can be hard to put a stop to it for sure. After all, it can sometimes seem like the harder we try to stop overthinking, the MORE we do it.

This is because the very act of trying to stop ruminating, puts even more of our focus in that direction.  It then becomes this vicious, perpetual, cycle that can seem like a merry-go-round that doesn’t ever end.  That sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it?

Well, it is!

Thus, let’s help you put an end to overthinking, once and for all!

Could it be that the key to ending overthinking lies in two very simple things?

Well, maybe it’s not that “magical” or instant. However, aiming our focus on changing just two areas of our thoughts and behaviors can definitely make a significant positive difference in managing and even overcoming the negative impacts of rumination in every area of our lives.

  1. Realize that YOU are not your successes—or your failures. We are the sum of so much more than just what you have or have not accomplished. Once we realize or accept that fact, it takes some of the pressure off our mind, body, and soul.
  • Without that stress, we are able to relax more. When we are able to relax more, creativity is enhanced. When creativity is enhanced, productivity goes up and mistakes go down. In other words, giving ourselves a break in the way we view or “judge” ourselves and our past efforts and results, allows us to relax and live in the current moment. From this place, we are better able to create the successful results we desire.

Obviously, there is much more to truly ending overthinking or rumination for good. Yet, starting with the two steps above, we can finally see amazing forward momentum and make progress to or toward success.