Merchant Services and Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck


Your merchant services are a major component of your business. You know this. After all, how would you conduct business if you weren’t able to accept payments? Now, that being said, because your merchant services constitute such a vital aspect of your day-to-day business, you’ve got to be sure you’re working with a merchant services company who is on your team. A company who will work tirelessly to make sure you POS services are running smoothly.

Price is one thing to consider. Customer service is another. And, don’t forget quality. You’ll be hard pressed to find all three, believe me. It’s no feat for big merchant services companies to cut prices. Be sure that you don’t choose to work with a company just because they offer the lowest rates. Chances are those guys will probably sacrifice a great deal in the areas of customer service and product quality in order to make a low price point possible for you.

I began Swypit 17 years ago because I saw a gap between the merchant services businesses were paying for and the merchant services they needed to effectively process payments. It’s my belief that a healthy and thriving business depends on merchant services that are not only affordable, but also committed to providing the latest and greatest in POS equipment and technology, as well as dependable and timely customer service.

If this sounds like the sort of merchant services company you’d like to do business with, please check out our website! Like I mentioned, we offer very competitive prices, along with the latest in cutting-edge POS equipment and technology, as well as top-notch customer service. We’d love to chat with you about how we might improve your current POS operations, so you can get the most bang for your buck!