The Best Part of Being Successful is Being Able to Give Back.


Philanthropy is one of my all time favorite words. I always loved the sound of the word as a kid and I always wanted to be a Philanthropist even though I didn’t fully comprehend what it embodied. I did however know it was something good. Now that I do know what philanthropy means and I am a philanthropist, I’m proud of it.

Giving back to a world that has given me so much is truly the most rewarding aspect of being a successful businessman. It is my love of humanity that drives me to extend myself to increase the wellbeing of humankind.

I enjoy reading about the philanthropic efforts of others and I keep my eyes open for articles about philanthropists around the world. I recently came across an interesting article in about the up and coming generation of Millenial, Gen X and Gen Y philanthropists.

What I found most interesting about the piece is the way these young people look at philanthropy. According to the article, besides being responsible stewards of the money and time they give, “They are also determined to innovate so philanthropy makes a bigger difference. They want to change how philanthropy operates, to rethink what being a “major donor” signifies.” (

The old school philanthropists tended to wait until they retired to designate where their money and volunteer efforts would be focused. But, the younger generations see things differently. As states, “For many, that means integrating social responsibility into every aspect of their lives. From investing to parenting to making consumer choices, they want their assets to reflect their values.” (

I like the way this generation thinks. Their perspectives make me realize that everything can be improved, even the way we give of ourselves.