Time Management & Productivity Help? There’s Most Certainly an App for That!


Do More. Be More. Get More Done. It seems that is constantly and consistently what is expected of us as business owners, partners, and parents.

Yet, we only have so much time, right? We can’t create more time, right?

No, we can’t create more time. But maybe, just maybe… we CAN find more time.

Today, one of the really awesome things that has come with the advent of any-time technology at the tips of our fingers all the time, is that there are many apps that can help us do just that—FIND time!

Below are 5 great time management and productivity-improving apps you can get NOW, that might make all the difference in the world for both the results you’re able to attain and your quality of life!



With Wunderlist, you have your very own personal project manager in your pocket! It can help you organize and optimize your time, as well as your to-do-list, so that you can get more done and done better. You can even invite others to your projects and assign them tasks and to-do’s too, with deadlines and updates via notifications.



Any.do was created with the idea that people often forget or overlook things we are supposed to do. This app takes all of your various calendars, schedules, etc. and combines them into this one interface and then syncs it across all your devices. You can also even add items to the app by voice.


Norton Email Intelligence

Who doesn’t know that one of the biggest hindrances to time MANAGEMENT is email, email, and email? Think about it – what if you were working and person after person after person came knocking on your door? How productive could you be? And when you’re not productive, time management is almost impossible.

Norton Email Intelligence helps you to manage your email in an automated manner. Even better… the organization process with Norton Email Intelligence doesn’t take up hardly any of your tine at all. It “learns” your email behavior and what types of messages you consider important. Then, its radar begins to highlight those messages for you to look at first. The others can wait. It even syncs and coordinates with Alexa so you can listen to, further organize, and address your emails through your Amazon device’s speaker system.



Ask almost any successful person what their secret to that success is and most will point to a coach or mentor at some point in their life. Yet, not only for the learning such persons provide, but also for the encouragement they give that helps you keep moving forward.

But since we all don’t have the time or money to go out and hire a coach, enter “WinStreak.” This app is your own personal motivational coach on demand—whenever and wherever its most beneficial for you. During the day, you record your “wins” in the app. When the day is done, WinStreak will send you a wrap up of all your successes. There is nothing like positive reinforcement to keep moving us forward and keeping our productivity elevated as high as possible.



How much time do YOU spend trying to organize all your contacts—in a myriad of different places? As professionals—as people—we meet and interact with so many people, it can be hard to keep all of them straight.  Even more taxing than just WHO we know is WHERE we have met people, HOW and in some professional instances, WHY? Humin lets you consolidate all of your contacts – from phone and Facebook, to even LinkedIn – with this information.

Hopefully, one or more of these apps might be just what you are looking for to be more product and get more done in less time. If you try one or two of them, be sure and come back and comment to let me know how it went and whether you found the app helpful. I’ll also follow up with more helpful apps in another list soon!