Uncertainty and Business Owners: Uncertainty Can Feel Like the Kiss of Death for Business Owners. Here’s How to Cope…



For business owners, experiencing or feeling a certain level of “uncertainty” is a fairly normal or common thing. After all, most of the decisions we face as business owners might have more than one “right” decision, be dependent on the beliefs or actions of others, or even encompass a variety of factors that fall under previously unknown — or unchartered — areas that we haven’t explored.


While it might seem like uncertainty and business owners don’t make a good mix, that might not be true… 


In fact, a little bit of uncertainty can sometimes be what it takes to move a business forward, away from a state or place of inertia, to new and exciting levels.


See, for business owners, uncertainty sometimes forces us to not only consider ideas that are unique and innovative, but to explore and execute on them in lieu of coasting along in the status quo.


But what if you feel like you can’t cope with the uncertainty you’re facing as a business owner, much less use that uncertainty to propel or elevate business focus or growth?


Here are some of the best strategies business owners can use to not only manage uncertainty, but to make it work FOR you and your business, instead of against:


Talk It Out


Merely discussing your uncertainty with someone you trust is much like talking about your nightmare made it seem less scary when you were a kid. Simply “putting it out there” diminishes a level of the anxiety it brings. Without that anxiety, you will usually think clearer and thus, be able to think of our see solutions that were previously hidden.


Stop Trying to Control EVERYTHING


Face it—there is no way for a business owner to be totally certain about anything that IS happening, MIGHT happen, or COULD POSSIBLY happen now or in the future.  However, in effect, uncertainty — and the apprehension it brings — largely derives from feeling a lack of control over all variables in our business “equations.”


Sure, we need to effectively control what we can. However, until we learn to let go of our desire to control EVERYTHING, we will be caught in the uncertainty loop and likely, be very resistant to taking any action. This keeps our business stagnant and while we might not experience much “risk” we certainly won’t experience much “growth” either.


Stay Positive


There is a reason that you are THE BOSS in your business. You are expert — or at the very least, highly skilled — at what you do. Therefore, you have the knowledge, skill, and experience to overcome uncertainty and create success.


Begin by assessing the situation—the current state, challenges and potential threats, as well as your / your business’ strengths and opportunities. In a formal sense, this is often a part of strategic planning, known as SWOT.


This assessment accomplishes two things. First, it helps you take steps to banish or conquer the actual elements of uncertainty that might exist. Second, it puts you in the driver’s seat—moving from a place of emotion and fear, to a place of logic and power.


Again, you are the helm of your business for a reason. Otherwise, you wouldn’t ever be in this position in the first place—where you are the one in charge, dealing with uncertainty, and making the appropriate decisions for you and your business.


Deep inside, you know what to do—even if you don’t know exactly what that is, or means, just yet. No matter what, the key is not letting uncertainty stop you — and your business momentum — dead in its tracks. Move forward with confidence and soon, the uncertainty will fall away and you will be making forward strides again.