Using Email to Get New Customers: Is Email Marketing Dead?!


As a business owner, you’ve likely been told over and over that you MUST have a list. And you MUST send emails to them frequently. And you MUST keep this up consistently.

On the other hand, you might have heard recently that this is no longer true. That email marketing is dead. Really? Could that be true?

A simple answer to the question “Is email marketing dead?” is…

“No. Email marketing is not dead.”

Actually, quite the opposite is true. Email marketing is still very viable and still very necessary. It’s just the method and mentality behind email marketing strategies that has changed a bit.

Here are some quick facts about emailing:

  • Checking emails is the first thing 58% of adults do, early in the morning.
  • The number of email accounts is expected to grow by over a billion new accounts by 2021, a 22% growth rate.
  • 3,104,450,712 is how many actual emails are sent per hour.
  • In the U.S., 85% of adults send or read emails and 78% of teenagers use email.


Email Marketing Benefits

A lot of email consumers use emails to shop and find deals. At least 45% of people redeem coupons via a mobile device. A main reason email marketing isn’t dead and probably won’t be anytime soon, is because it isn’t like social media platforms that come and go.

Remember MySpace? Maybe not because it’s no longer relevant. Who knows when the same might happen with Facebook (the Cambridge Analytica scandal didn’t help) or Twitter and either one will no longer be relevant either?

Emails have been here since the beginning of digital marketing. Most likely, email isn’t going anywhere and will not become irrelevant any time soon. Email marketing also has the ability to evolve and that is exactly why it has stayed so relevant to consumers. You just need to make sure your strategy is evolving too.


Reasons Why Email Marketing is Good for Your Business


  1. Previous studies have shown that if you implement the right strategy, you should be able to see up to a 4300% return on your investments through email marketing.
  2. Think of emails as reminders. Those emails make it possible for businesses to remain in their customers minds, via the email messages you send out (called “staying top of mind”). They also make it simpler to enhance sales; meaning, the returns in investment are maximized.
  3. Email is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in terms of marketing results.
  4. Email marketing is a great way to gain new customers because of its ability to help you build new relationships, founded in trust.


Email Marketing Strategy Tips


  1. Humanization to gain priority

The recipient of your emails should feel like the email they received was written specifically for them. The content of the email should be relevant to them as well. You can segment your email marketing list by age or location to make it even more relevant to your customers.


  1. Less is more in the world of Email Marketing

A current trend study has shown that clear and straight-to-the-point emails are replacing the lengthy, detailed, “salesletter-type” ones. These shorter, more concise, emails allow customers to read the email quickly and know what he/she should do or what is expected of them (your “call to action”).


  1. Email experience will soon be more interactive

The goal here is to make the emails as interactive as possible to boost click-through rates and conversion rates. Google offers email formats that help you do just that. This allows you to keep your content updates regular, empowers recipients to interact with the content, and users can get more done in less time without ever having to leave the email itself.


The bottom line? Don’t turn your back on email marketing just yet. It’s here, it works, and it is the cheapest, fastest, and most effective way of quickly sharing information with your consumers. Build your email marketing list today and be marketing to customers tomorrow.