When Is It Time To Switch To Swypit?

An image of the Swypit logo; "Swypit" in dark blue letter with an orange dot over the "i".

An image of the Swypit logo; the word "Swypit" in dark blue with an orange dot over the "it".If you’ve been in business and have been swiping, chipping and tapping credit cards, check this out…

With credit card processing, you may not understand the complexities of all the line items you see on your monthly statement. But every now and then you find yourself wondering about all those line items. You’ll notice all the fees with initials next to them, none of which you have a clue what they mean. You might call the customer service number on the statement only to be passed around from one department to another. Finally, you get a human on the phone who starts talking gibberish.

For you to get PCI complaint is when all the stars and planets align perfectly with everything else in the universe. Then, and only then you’re told, is when you do NOT pay tall those unidentifiable fees!

Now, you’re more confused than ever. Then they ask if you are PCI compliant which you also don’t know the answer to. To sound as if they are being helpful, they send you a link to forms you have to fill out that will get you PCI compliant which are also confusing.

We know you’re just trying to run your business.

We’re Going To Help You Understand The Complexities

Here’s something you can do. If you’re using Square, PayPal, QuickBooks, or any of the organizations that use integrated processing, look them up, google if you need to be PCI compliant. Any company you use to process credit cards are required by the card brands to be PCI compliant and so are you.  You are also paying for the service to get complaint. Yes, its somewhere buried in your statement.  If you’re not PCI compliant, there will a line item that shows a non-PCI compliant fee which can be $29, $39, $49 or as high as $195 per month. Yes, per month! If you see that line item, you really should be concerned.

The confusing nature of credit card processing is why people call us

I’m telling you, you need to get PCI compliant immediately.

We know how to get the forms filled out properly and get you PCI compliant so you can do what you do best, which is run your business. And let me tell you, if you have a breach of credit card data at your business the fines can be as high as half a million dollars – per breach.

If you’re not following all of the PCI compliant rules and regulations and you have a breach most merchants don’t have any idea of what to do or how to take care of it. When you have an expert on your side, like Swypit, we can assist. We had a client who had a credit card processing breach, and it took 8 months to unwind all the issues and the problems that took place through that process. We helped him out, but could you imagine if you didn’t have an expert on your side helping you through the complexities?

It was fortunate in this experience that our client wasn’t fined, because he had an expert helping him.

Everyone has to be PCI compliant.  If anyone you’re dealing with in business tells you that you don’t have to be PCI compliant, fire them…right now.

Pain is what you get when you don’t know the ins and outs of what you’re looking at on your merchant services

Every time you look at your monthly statement and you just wave it off with an “Ahh, this is just a pain in the butt,” that’s the time to call us. This is your business. You can’t just wave it off. This is your money and we’re going to help you keep more of it instead of giving it needlessly to your credit card processing company. We’re going to teach about the ins and outs you didn’t know about and help you through any confusion you may face. News flash…call us before you have a credit card breach to deal with.