Who Is Really Watching Your Money (Feat: Jeremy Lock)

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An image of "The Swypit Show" card with a photo of Kevin Hodes pointing both hands at the camera in front of a blue and orange background.If you’re using PayPal, Square, or Stripe, they’re watching your money go into their coffers.

Credit card processing is a slimy business made to appear more complicated than it really is. I’m here to help educate retailers and anyone who accepts credit and debit cards for payment in their business to think about who’s really got their backs when it comes to credit card processing. I ask, do you know who is really watching your money? Most of the business owners I talk with really don’t know.

We Make Sure You’re Paying The Right Fee Structure

Flat Pricing Sounds Good, But Is It Really?

Square, PayPal, QuickBooks and Stripe all have what’s known in the industry as flat pricing. That means they charge you a specific percentage along with a per transaction charge. For instance PayPal charges 3.49% and .09 per transaction. Some charge 3.5% and .12 per transaction. And this is on debit card only charges. The fees go up substantially for actual credit cards. I mention debit cards because they are 30% of most transactions.

Flat pricing makes everything sound so easy, but I can assure you that you are paying way more than you need to. Easy is not always the best thing for your business’s bottom line. Everyone wants easy, but you end up paying for easy. You’re paying extra for the “perceived” convenience.

As A Business Owner Do You Really Want To Pay 40% More For Credit Card Processing?

I doubt any business owner would answer in the affirmative to that question

No business owner wants to pay more for services than they have to. But in the credit card processing world it seems “easier” to pay than to actually learn what you’re paying for and come to an understanding of what’s actually necessary. That’s where I come in. I love to help educate my clients and anyone who is paying too much for credit card processing. The fees are ridiculous and make you want to run a cash only business at times. But we all know that’s not going to work.

You pay 40% more with all those buys I mentioned than you do with Swypit. Just give us a call and let me clear up the confusion and put more cha-ching in your pocket. We’ll show you the difference that someone who really knows can make. We are the experts at what we do.

Now For Something A Little Different

In the spirit of always wanting to be better people

For the very first time I did something different on my podcast. Instead of ranting and raving about credit card processing for a full hour, I recently featured a guest on the show who has nothing to do with credit card processing. In fact, this guest is retired from the Air Force. Jeremy Lock is a 7-time photojournalist of the year and the founder of Last Letters a podcast where individuals can tell the story of their lives. Jeremy has an empathetic love of story. The gist of Last Letters is this: If tomorrow was your final day on earth, what would you write today? What lessons would your life story convey? As it states on his website, “The Podcast shares these amazing tales with a wide array of experiences culminating in the guests “Last Letter” to the world— and maybe a final piece of advice.” I encourage you to visit the website and listen to some of the amazing stories. If you want to listen to mine, It’s called, The Things That Make Us, and was posted on November 9th. You’ll find Last Letters Podcast hosted by Jeremy Lock on Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, spotify, facebook and Instagram.

Now back to my usual story

Every time you look at your monthly statement and you just wave it off with an “Ahh, this is just a pain in the butt,” that’s the time to call us. This is your business. You can’t just wave it off. This is your money and we’re going to help you keep more of it instead of giving it needlessly to your credit card processing company. We’re going to teach about the ins and outs you didn’t know about and help you through any confusion you may face. We’ll be here whenever you’re ready to really watch your money.

Listen to the podcast HERE.