7 Different Types of Video that Can Help Launch Your Business to New Heights


By 2021, video is expected to represent 82% of all web traffic.


Think about that… 82% of ALL web traffic will be to-and-from video. Add to that the statistic that says 90% of all consumers say “video” played a part in their buying decision and it should be clear that adopting or expanding a video strategy should be important for any business operating today. (https://swypit.com/why-and-how-you-should-be-using-video-to-drive-business-growth-in-2020/)


But what if you think your business, “…isn’t right,” for video? Or maybe you believe video will be too expensive to do well?


Nearly every business can use some form of video to help grow the business and it can be done easily and inexpensively, too!


Below are 7 different types of videos that businesses can use to expand and grow:


  • Sales/Promo Video

This is the most common type of video people think about when they think about business videos. Basically, this is a “commercial” — between 30 and 90 seconds — that “sells” a product or service. These videos will typically be scripted and images and individual video clips — originally filmed or stock video — will be combined with a voiceover and/or other audio or music, and then edited to some extent, to create a finished product. This type of video is usually used as an “advertisement” on the business website, another’s website, in emails, or via social. Large companies might air such videos on broadcast mediums like TV, but it’s not that common anymore for small to mid-size businesses to do so.


2) Social Video

Social video is usually created to evoke emotion or feelings about a brand, business, or product. The idea behind the social video is to create something that others will want to share. Since most social media interaction today tends to occur on mobile, it’s important that these videos are responsive, adapting automatically to different size screens.


3) Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are just as they sound—they are videos that help explain something about a product or business. They might explain a specific feature or benefit — or even a process — that the business does or provides. Usually, they will be informative and easy to follow, using graphics and either audio that describes what the viewer is seeing in the video, or words on-screen that “talk” the viewer through the explanation.


4) Animated Videos

Animated videos are often similar to explainer videos, in that they typically serve to make abstract ideas, concepts, or even products, easier to understand. This is done through some level of “demonstration” or elaboration via the animated video. Audio will usually accompany the animation—either in VoiceOver form or if the animated video is visually descriptive enough, the audio used might just be music or sound.


5) Webinars

Webinars are a fantastic way to demonstrate the authority and expertise of a company while helping customers and potential customers at the same time. To be most effective, a webinar should take a problem or question that exists in the mind of your target audience, and then answer it—demonstrating how you or your business can offer additional value and insight in this area.


6) Live Streaming

Businesses can use live streaming in many different ways and achieve many different goals. Sometimes live streaming is used just to build brand or business awareness. Yet, it can also be used to generate excitement about new or emerging products or services. But that’s not even all… live streaming can be implemented to teach or explain, as well. In that case, the goal would be to demonstrate authority and position yourself or your business as an expert on the specific subject or topic. And since “trust” is a large factor in the buying decision, showing “expert authority” goes a long way to building that critical trust.


7) Testimonials

Yet another way that video can be used to grow your business is in the creation — and publishing — of video testimonials. Sure, you can collect testimonials in print and it will benefit your business. However, it is just not going to be as impressive, or action-provoking, as video testimonials have been proven to be when it comes to demonstrating and growing trust among your prospects.


If you are thinking you’d like to try or expand a video strategy, simply pick one of the above types of videos that businesses are using today, and give it a go.


If you’re completely new to video, you might want to start out with one of the popular web or app tools below to get started quickly and easily: