Swypit CEO Kevin Hodes offers strategies for increasing traffic to your website and attracting potential customers. Frisco, TX – March 15, 2016 – Kevin Hodes, CEO of Swypit has published a new article entitled “Growing Your Online Presence, Growing Your Online Orders.” In the article, he discusses the importance developing a clear and strong brand through […]

Swypit President Kevin Hodes featured on Bravo as Guest on Hollywood Live

Kevin Hodes was recently seen on Bravo and A&E around the country as a guest on Hollywood Live Orlando, FL – April 12, 2016— Kevin Hodes, President of Swypit, was recently featured as a guest on Hollywood Live. The show was filmed in Los Angeles, California in the penthouse of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, overlooking Hollywood Boulevard.  Kevin Hodes […]

Swypit’s New Article Says It’s Time to Update Your POS System

FRISCO, TX — Kevin Hodes, CEO of Swypit has published a new article entitled “Some Telltale Signs Your Business’s POS System is Becoming Obsolete.” In the article, he lists some questions that could help evaluate the efficiency, reliability, and relevance of a current POS system. Hodes says, “Software that freezes and crashes frequently is perhaps […]

The Greatest Complaint Customers Have With EMV® Is Processing Times

Frisco, TX – Kevin Hodes, CEO of Swypit has published a new blog entitled “Helping Customers Transition to EMV®Cards.” In the blog post, he discusses how educating employees, engaging customers, and opening a reserve POS can help reduce processing times in the transition to EMV® cards. Hodes says, “An EMV®-informed staff will also be able […]

Useful Tools to Help Your Business Stay Organized in the Digital World

Kevin Hodes, the owner of SWYPIT, talks about tools and techniques to help a small business get organized. Frisco, TX: Kevin Hodes, owner of SWYPIT, a credit card processing company recently published an article on his website ( about different tools and tips to help get a business organized in the digital world. The article […]