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Build a Super Team for Super Business Success: 4 Steps

Perhaps one of the most important elements of a successful business is a top-tier team. Of course, it’s also critical to first realize that your team is made up of all those who are a part of your business and business processes. This includes you, plus any executives, directors, managers, sales professionals, marketing representatives, administrators, […]

Find the Funding Solutions to Grow Your Business

It can be one of a business owner’s biggest frustrations. You want to keep growing, but a lack of funds is holding you back. Whether you want to expand by increasing staff, adding inventory, or whatever can help your business thrive, we can solve many of your funding needs. Swypit’s cash advance options are designed […]

Swypit Tribute to American Sniper Chris Kyle

Swypit honors  American Sniper, Chris Kyle at Military Appreciation Night, where his family received a special painting by The American Fallen Soldiers Project at the Texas Legends game. Let’s Remember Fallen Soldiers Who Protect Our Freedoms!

Detection & Prevention: Safeguarding Your Business Against Credit Card Fraud

The truth is that the only surefire way to completely protect your business from credit card fraud is to not offer credit card payment options at all. But this, as you know, is not a viable approach. Although there are risks involved with accepting credit cards, your business can take important proactive measures to manage […]

Merchant Services and Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

Your merchant services are a major component of your business. You know this. After all, how would you conduct business if you weren’t able to accept payments? Now, that being said, because your merchant services constitute such a vital aspect of your day-to-day business, you’ve got to be sure you’re working with a merchant services […]

Social Media Marketing & Building Rapport Online

It’s no news that since the rise of social media platforms, the landscape of online marketing has completely changed (Not to mention e-commerce, as well)! There are now infinite ways to promote and grow your business online these days, but perhaps the most effective strategy for engaging new customers is through social media. This is […]

100 Generic Gift Cards FREE for Your Business when You...

The gift card has become a hallmark of American retail over the past few decades. In 2015, gift card sales soared to $130 billion nationwide. So, it’s safe to say that gift cards remain a very lucrative commodity in today’s retail landscape. More personal than a cash gift, customers enjoy giving gift cards because it […]

5 Tips for Reducing the Risk of a Data Breach...

If your business processes customer’s electronic payment information, which virtually every business does nowadays, then you’re vulnerable to a data breach, leaking sensitive information, or fraudulent charges. And small businesses are particularly susceptible. Fraudsters often target smaller businesses because their security defenses are easier to evade. But, then again, the Target data breach in 2013 […]

Visa’s “Quick Chip” Software Addresses Biggest Customer Complaint About EMV®...

Though the U.S. has been more reluctant to adopt EMV®-enabled debit and credit cards, this payment technology has become virtually ubiquitous around the world. And U.S. card issuers are quickly rolling out these cards to consumers. Now, 70 percent of cardholders use EMV®-enabled cards. However, cardholders in the U.S. have experienced some growing pains while […]